Harris to Paris

On June 20th, 2016 we opened our exhibition Clo Mor - Harris to Paris, celebrating the unique journey of Harris Tweed. With support from the Harris Tweed Authority, the show opened the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival 2016 with attendance by HRH Prince of Wales and HRH The Duchess of Cornwall. Created in collaboration with art director Malcolm Buick and photographer Martin Scott Powell, the show will run at Waldorf Astoria, Edinburgh, Scotland from now until August 31st, 2016.

Thanks to our many partners and sponsors for making this such a special event and here's to continuing the journey!

Find out more www.harristoparis.com

Tweed. A cloth that travels far and wide, but never forgets where home is. Wherever it goes it has a story to tell. Tides may turn and fashions change, but this honourable Harris twine will always stay true to its core. Strong. Luxurious. Traditional. Contemporary.

Fiercely alive as the islands it comes from. From our own doorstep to the farthest flung corners of the world, the Tweed has always found a warm welcome. And with every new generation, new friends are discovering the magical properties of the ‘Big Cloth’.

So here’s a celebration - a story if you will - of the thread that connects disparate, desirable and distant forces all to the Harris Tweed. Our project follows the journey of the Tweed from the crofts of Harris to the couture houses of Paris.

Capturing the people directly connected to the big cloth from Harris to Paris. From shearers to weavers, millers and shippers, the fashion designers, their pattern cutters, makers and models who take the tweed out to an international audience on the runways and through the global press.


This is a story about people, about hands. Handling cloth. And handing on tradition. Handing along, from the warp to the weaver to the wearer.

It’s about place, process and product. About people. Making a traditional cloth in traditional ways for the real world. Today and tomorrow.

It’s as much about our Scottish character, our international spirit and our indefatigable knack of knowing how to stick to our guns and make friends in faraway places, flexing towards the future as we need to.

From our hands to yours, we all pass along this heritage. And take it into future. In this tweed, we hold our
spirit and our pride.

Our ‘Big Cloth’. Our Clò Mòr.

Dead cat bounce

Today I learnt a new phrase - Dead cat bounce. Colourful, right? It's a banking description for the slight rise in value a currency or share value has as it plummets to its eventual demise. Much like a cat might bounce as it crashes to its own gnarly feline fate. 

who said bankers don't like metaphors?