We are

Berliner Benson is a marriage; of writing and design, people and ideas, digital and analog, branding and marketing, theory and practice, countries and continents.

With a presence in Oxford, UK and Brooklyn, USA we are brand builders, writers, thinkers, designers, coders, makers and dreamers who comfortably cross disciplines to produce the most exciting, powerful and impactful work we can, with clients who dare us to do better.

Led by Claire Berliner and Mike Benson, we create brave and beautiful brands that bring meaningful results.




We think

Branding and communication is about relationships. It’s about connecting and storytelling. It’s about creating conversations and sparking imaginations, making companies and organizations easier to interact with, join in and even love.

Our work is about more than selling more product to an unsuspecting public. We work with amazing, inspired and brave clients who want to make their mark and somehow leave the world in a better state than they found it.

There's room in our industry for logic, emotion, beauty, laughter, poetry, surprise, pop music, people, intelligence and some fiery late night debate. It is a human business after all. 


We make



Integrated Marketing

Internal campaigns

Visual Identity

Brand voice

Strategic storytelling

Brand positioning


Video / Motion graphics