Every brand has a story to tell.

It’s never been so important to stand out and define your offer with a clear voice and strategic brand storytelling.

Writing for your brand starts with telling your story and finding your voice. And every story has characters, drama, obstacles to overcome, a quest or journey to be taken and many lessons to be learned along the way. The power of a brand story told in a unique and memorable voice will bring your brand to life and help it stick in the minds of your most important audiences.

Berliner Benson provides brands with a specialist level of writing rarely found at advertising or design agencies. Led by the company’s founding partner Mike Benson, we offer strategically-driven, creative writing from brand narrative and values to naming, copywriting and everything in between. We've helped new and established brands of all sizes tell their stories, from IBM and Nike, Coca-Cola and Para la Naturaleza to Major League Soccer and Phillips Contemporary Art.

Connecting strategy and design to make meaning and create feeling.

When your brand voice is built out of your strategy and connects with your visual identity, every word can work to achieve your ambition. When you've identified the spirit of your brand and defined your brand voice, you should be able to communicate anything to your different audiences - and they'll know who's talking to them, what you stand for and how you do things.

No matter where you are in a relationship, from recruiting to retaining, guiding your teams and customers with a distinct voice will help to inspire loyalty, trust, engagement and who knows, maybe even love.

Creating conversations and being open to change.

All this storytelling stuff is important. It makes a difference and invites people in. But if you don't listen, you won't hear - your customers, investors, employees and the rest of the world. When you don't hear what other people say, you just keep talking about yourself. And who wants to be that guy? Learn the art of brand conversation. Create dialogue. People will believe you're interested in them. Let that be part of your voice.

As your brand grows, your voice will evolve. As language shifts and new media become relevant to your brand, the way it talks, writes and markets to your different audiences will hopefully flex and respond to the changes. The key is to decide what must stay the same, what needs to go and how much to change!

How can we help you tell your brand story?

Here's a list of all the kinds of writing we help people with - not every project needs every part of it and of course this list will change, but at least you get a sense of how we can help:

Strategic Brand Writing

Brand story:   
A narrative thread for internal or external audiences that demonstrates the spirit,
beliefs, purpose and promise of the organization.

Brand idea / purpose:    
An internal statement that explains why your organization exists. Inspires everyone
in the business to understand 'why we are here'.

Brand promise:    
An external statement to express what stakeholders, investors, partners, clients and
customers should expect from your brand

Brand positioning:    
A set of messages, helping the company clarify what it does, how it does it and who it’s for.

Value proposition:     
A detailed description of the value a brand provides for its customers.

Key messaging / conversation guide:
The most important things you want people in your organization to say about your
brand at a bar / cocktail party / park bench / elevator.

Brand values:    
A set of clearly defined characteristics that help to express the brand purpose and guide how your
organization operates. (Can also be framed as brand behaviours / behaviors, principles or personality)

Brand Voice:    
The tone, message and voice of the brand. (Also known as Verbal identity)

Toolkit / guidelines:     
In-depth document capturing the spirit of the brand voice and providing guidance
for all written and spoken communications. (Often one section of the overall brand guidelines)


Expressive Brand Writing

Brand fiction:        
Stories that express your brand in narrative fiction format.

Brand naming:        
A structured approach to naming brands, products, services and initiatives.

Brand writing:       
Taglines, headlines, key messaging.

Campaign ideas, script writing and copy for print, digital, video, packaging, products,
services and events.

Branded content / editorial:
Long form writing for digital and print media that engages readers with information and
opinion relevant to their interests.

Creartive writing:
Poetry, lyrics, fiction

A note on brands

A brand is not a logo, a badge or a marketing campaign. Your brand, whether you like it or not, is made up of all your communications, your operations, your locations, your people and products, your service(s), your reputation, the people who use or buy your services and how they talk about you to their friends and family. And in today’s social / digital arena, we all have to learn that our brands are often co-created with a public who have the same ability to broadcast their commentary and opinions as we do.

So your brand is a constantly growing, evolving, reactive and proactive form that is multi-dimensional and lives across your whole organization – it’s not the sole preserve of the marketing person / team / department, even though that’s who is often put in charge of it.

Brands are created to support the business or organization they represent. And to be successful, your business will have a set of goals, supported by a single vision or ambition. With a clear, rigorous and visionary strategy, your brand will stand for something and stand out among your competitors. And if you deliver on your promise, people may even love you. If you don’t, they’ll let you know pretty quick.

About Berliner Benson

We’re a creative brand shop established in Brooklyn, New York in 2010. We still work in Brooklyn, but also have studios in Oxford and London, UK. As well as specialist brand writing, we also offer brand strategy, positioning, visual identity, graphic design, plus tactical print, video and digital work. If we can’t do it in-house, we combine with trusted partners in areas like research, video production, photography and animation.

Our key areas of focus are Arts & Culture, Technology, Sport and Professional Services, but we can’t help ourselves from working on some select premium lifestyle brands (usually in the fashion and food / wine sectors).