Arts and Culture



We believe in the power of the arts and culture to transport people beyond the everyday, create social cohesion and build lasting emotional and cultural connections that transcend boundaries.

A powerful brand will harness that energy and invite makers,creators, curators and audiences to congregate around an idea that helps organizations, institutions and society at large to achieve both commercial and creative goals.

Our experience working in Arts & Culture on both sides of the Atlantic offers us a unique point of view that has been applied to contemporary art, music, auctions and the performing arts. In today’s cultural and political landscape of constant flux, it’s never been so important to support, celebrate and build recognition in the value of our arts, artists, culture organizations and initiatives, large and small.

The founders of our business have rich and varied backgrounds in the performing and visual arts and maintain an active commitment in this field. 


Made in Harris, bound for Paris.
A global Scottish story.

Harris tweed is a remarkable cloth with a remarkable connection to people, place and product. There’s as much to celebrate about its future as there is to admire about its heritage. In an ongoing project, Berliner Benson collaborated with Malcolm Buick at Athletics NYC and photographer Martin Scott Powell to create the first in a series of exhibitions of stories and photos, videos and music at The Waldorf Astoria, Edinburgh. With the endorsement of the Harris Tweed Authority and support of the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival, the opening event was attended by HRH Prince of Wales and HRH Duchess of Cornwall. Further events are planned throughout 2017-18 in Paris, New York and Tokyo.


We did:


Creative direction

Event planning

Music selection

Video and website creation

Spoken word performance

Sponsorship search and negotiation


Art. Design. Now.

Phillips is a contemporary arts auctioneer based in the UK and USA with a global reach. Berliner Benson helped Phillips define their brand values and collaborated with Adam Throup Works to create a series of integrated marketing campaigns for a complete season of auctions, creating high visibility and exposure for their high profile locations in Mayfair and Park Avenue.


We did:

Brand values consultancy and writing

Visual identity and brand voice guidance

Full season of 14 integrated marketing campaigns in New York and London:

Creative Direction










World class arts — up close & personal

After 25 years of continued success, The Philharmonic Center for the Arts was ready for change. The offer had become far broader than the orchestra — now incorporating the hugely respected Naples Museum of Modern Art and a robust education program. The new positioning, name and identity integrates their full arts offering, focusing on quality and invites existing and new audiences to enjoy the best of the arts in a beautiful and intimate setting. This project was created in close collaboration with Javas Lehn Studio

We did:



Visual identity

Brand Voice


Great chamber music for everyone.


Celebrating great chamber music and the spirit of collaboration, Ayriel Classical’s inspired recordings bring together a close-knit group of musicians who play together at the celebrated North Yorkshire Moors Chamber Music Festival. Berliner Benson helped to create an identity and story, website, CD covers and promotional materials for this energetic classical label.


We did:



Visual identity


CD covers

Promotional collateral

How do we measure the value of Arts in Culture in society?
So much of the benefit is tricky to express in accurate data –
but the Arts Council of Great Britain has given it a go in their evidence review of The Value of Arts and Culture to People and Society.